M.D. Surgeon Mitat ERDAL was born on 16 March 1983 in Keklicek village of Gemerek district of Sivas. He completed his primary education at Kayseri Ahmet Paşa Primary School and secondary education at Kayseri Sami Yangın Anatolian Trade High School and Küçükçalık Anatolian High School. Subsequently, he qualified for Sivas Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine in the university exam and completed his undergraduate education here. During his university years, he was the founder of “CUTBAT Cumhuriyet University Scientific Research Society” and the coordinator of the first student congress of the university. Under CUTBAT, he served as an executive within the scope of many social responsibility projects and organized school examinations.

Mitat ERDAL, M.D. was appointed to Anayurt Health Centre in Şuhut district of Afyon for compulsory service after medical school. Afterwards, he worked as a health centre physician in 6 villages outside the village of Anayurt. During these assignments, he increased his experience in preventive medicine.

He completed his specialisation training at Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery in 2016. He completed his specialisation training by completing endoscopy training following liver, kidney transplantation and active intensive care trainings. Subsequently, he applied to the Turkish Surgical Association for certification of endoscopy training in 2016 and received his certificate.

The specialist physician completed his compulsory service at Kayseri Training and Research Hospital. After the opening of Kayseri City Hospital, he continued his medical service there. Afterwards, he also worked at Develi State Hospital and Kayseri State Hospital. As of 2022, he left his duty as a public physician and is still working as a physician in the private sector.

Mitat ERDAL, M.D. has performed over 5000 surgeries, primarily in Cancer Surgery, over 8000 endoscopic procedures and Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) for patients with nutritional problems. In his professional life, he has attended 6 International Congresses and Symposiums, 5 National and Regional Congresses and Symposiums, 11 Courses and Certificate Programmes.

While continuing his professional life, on 08.08.2009, he got married to Specialist Melike ERDAL, M.D. in Kayseri and moved there. He is still married and has two children.

Op.Dr. Mitat ERDAL
General Surgery Specialist
Department University Year
Faculty of Medicine Cumhuriyet University 2008
Specialties Erciyes University 2016
Tez Bilgisi

“Lokalize peritonitli akut apandisit hastalarında dren kullanımının batın içi apse, koleksiyon ve dren tıkanması üzerine etkileri” Kayseri, 2016

Danışman: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ertan EMEK

Title Place of Duty Dates of Duty
General Practitioner Afyon Suhut Anayurt Health Centre 2008-2008
Assistant Physician Erciyes Üniversitesi Genel Cerrahi A.B.D. 2011-2017
Specialist Doctor Kayseri Training and Research Hospital 2017-2018
Specialist Doctor Kayseri City Hospital 2018-2019
Specialist Doctor Develi State Hospital 2019-2021
Specialist Doctor Kayseri State Hospital 2021-2022
Specialist Doctor Private Erciyes Hospital 2022
8th National Endocrine Surgery Congress 2017
14th National Breast Diseases Congress 2017
2nd Cukurova Gastro-intestinal Diseases and Surgery Congress 2018
Turkish Society of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery Current Approaches in HPB Surgery 2018
National Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Association Kayseri Regional Meeting 2019
12th Turkish Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery Congress and 3rd HPB Surgical Nursing Congress 2015
20th National Surgical Congress and 15th Surgical Nursing Congress 2016
21st National Surgical Congress and 16th Surgical Nursing Congress 2018
15th National & 2nd International Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Congress 2021
5th Cukurova Gastro-intestinal Diseases and Surgery Congress 2022
22nd National Surgical Congress and 17th Surgical Nursing Congress 2022
Courses and Certificates
Endoskopi Sertifikası 2018 Türk Cerrahi Derneği
Perkütan Endoskopik Gastrostomi (PEG) Sertifikası 2017 Türk Cerrahi Derneği
Tiroid Ameliyatları İçin İntraoperatif Nöromonitörizasyon 2017 Türk Endokrin Cerrahi Derneği
Tiroit Ultrason Ve Patoloji Kursu 2017 Türk Endokrin Cerrahi Derneği
Onkoplastik Meme Cerrahisi Sertifikası 2017 Türkiye Meme Vakfı
Sleeve Gastrektomi Kursu 2019 Malatya Gastrointestinal Cerrahi Derneği
Laparoskopik Kolorektal Cerrahi Kursu 2019 Cerrahi Onkoloji Derneği
Minimal İnvaziv Bariatrik & Metabolik Cerrahi Kursu 2021 Endoskopik Laparoskopik Cerrahi Derneği
Anorektal & Proktoloji Kursu 2022 Çukurova Gastro-intestinal Hastalıklar Derneği
Yoğun Bakım Kursu 2022 Türk Cerrahi Derneği
Bariatrik ve Metabolik Cerrahi Kursu 2022 Türk Cerrahi Derneği
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